This is the website of the Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory (LADAL) of the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland, Australia.

What is LADAL?

LADAL aims to assist staff and students of the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland, Australia, with respect to data analysis, digital research tools, and other forms of technology. The focus of this site is placed on dealing with language data and to introduce basic concepts of quantitative reasoning by providing hands-on tutorials on topics relating to digital tools, computational methods, statistical analyses of language data. and offering links to further resources and short descriptions of digital tools relevant for research at the School of Languages and Cultures. The LADAL website supports researchers by offering self-guided study materials on various topics relating to digital approaches to the analysis of language data.

In addition, the LADAL offers consultation on matters relating to language studies and linguistics research to staff and students at the School of Languages and Cultures. Consultations about quantitative and computational methods can easily be arranged via email.

Structure and content of the LADAL website

The LADAL website provides introductory overviews of reaesrch designs and methods, materials for self-guided learning and convers the follwoing areas.

  • “Basics”: tutorials on basic concepts of empirical language studies.

  • “Data processing”: tutorials which introduce R as an language technology environment and show how to handle language data.

  • “Visualization”: tutorials which show how to create graphs from very simple plots to quite sophisticated visualizations.

  • “Statistics”: tutorials that focus on how to sumarize and analyze data using statistical methods.

  • “Text Analysis/Corpus Linguistics”: tutorials that exemplify how to use R for Text Analysis but also provides links to software that are useful when you do not want to use R.